Keto Diet Helps Fight the Flu in Mice, Study Shows

Nutrition fads are nothing new, and these days, the ketogenic diet (or keto, for short) is all the rage. In recent years, celebrities from Kourtney Kardashian to LeBron James have turned to the high-fat, low-carb approach for its reported health benefits — like weight loss and lower blood-sugar levels. And while the keto diet has […]

SpaceX Loses First Starship Prototype During Testing

SpaceX’s first Starship prototype blew its top, literally, during a pressure test of its fuel tanks in Boca Chica, Texas, on November 20. The top bulkhead exploded moments into the test, rocketing the stainless-steel cap high into the air. [embedded content] Starship Mk1 is the very first prototype for SpaceX’s next series of rockets, looking […]

Innateness of Body Maps

The human brain contains ‘maps’ of the human body – a feature known as somatotopy. For instance, in the brain region responsible for processing touch sensations, the neurons which respond to touches to the feet are located near the neurons that receive input from the legs, and so on – the layout of the body […]

This Skin Patch Could Add A Sense of Touch to Virtual Reality Devices

A new patchlike device that adheres to your arm, back or stomach might bring a sense of touch to virtual reality. Developed by researchers across the U.S. and China, the device combines wireless technology with small nodes that press down on the skin. Interacting with a touch-screen translates into real-time sensations — tracing your initials, […]

When a Bee Falls In Water, It ‘Surfs’ Tiny Ripples to Safety

When bees accidentally land in water, their wet wings keep them from lifting off and flying away. So instead, the insects reach the water’s edge by becoming tiny surfers.  A close examination of how bees swim, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows they use their wings to generate small ripples […]

Venture Capitalists to Hunt and Study UFO’s

UAP eXpeditions hopes to track UFO’s off California’s coast      … All that’s known for certain, is that these UAP’s are real; they’ve been captured on FLIR cameras by US Navy fighter pilots. The government has admitted that these things exist and regularly interfere with their air-space. We know that there By Will Brendzatherooster.com11-13-19 […]

NASA’s Curiosity Has Detected An Unexplained Spike In Oxygen On Mars

Mars has a very tenuous atmosphere, roughly 1 percent of Earth’s own, which is overwhelmingly made of carbon dioxide. Tiny fractions of other gases have been measured and studied over time, leading to several puzzling findings. The recently reported spike in methane is certainly among them and now we can add another one: an unusual increase in […]

New Human Hybrids are on Earth and they have abilities that we cannot comprehend

Is Homo Sapiens being assisted by NHI’s to evolve through a series of complex programs into a new ‘upgraded’ species? What is the evidence? How is Contact with NHI’s linked to human labels: Star Children, Indigo, Crystal, ‘letter people’Are the labels indicating a genetic dysfunction or possibly an orchestrated phenomenon to upgrade humans?Why do some […]

10 Geek Gifts for People Who Love Science

Science nerds can be difficult to shop for. They’ve seen it all — and probably know it all, too. When the holidays roll around, another gift card or throw blanket just isn’t going to cut it. But rest easy, we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken the guesswork out of gift giving, presenting you with 10 […]

Africa is Splitting in Two, Creating Dozens of Volcanoes

The modern geography of Earth is created by the plate tectonic engine that runs in our planet. What we see as familiar maps today would have looked very different 50 million, 500 million, 3 billion years ago. That’s because the continents shift over time at rates of centimeters per year. This might not seem like […]