Catherine Austin Fitts: We’re ‘Headed for a Digital Concentration Camp’

Catherine Austin Fits: “We have what we have been building for the last 20 or 30 years, and it’s getting much more obvious, but it’s been covert most of the time. They basically want digital control systems through the financial system, through the health system and government systems to implement control.  It’s important to understand […]

Colossal Triangular UFO Recorded Near the Sun (video)

The following pictures that you are about to see were all captured by NASA themselves and in these pictures, you can clearly see what appears to be a massive triangular-shaped UFO that travels around the Sun at incredible speed. The pictures are all legit, they were taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and even NASA […]

Defense Department confirms leaked video of unidentified aerial phenomena is real

The Defense Department has confirmed that leaked photos and video of “unidentified aerial phenomena” taken in 2019 are indeed legitimate images of unexplained objects. Photos and videos of triangle-shaped objects blinking and moving through the clouds were taken by Navy personnel, Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Gough said in a statement to CNN. She also confirmed that photos of […]

Legendary astronaut says ‘aliens exist and could be here on Earth’

The first British person to head to space recently opened up about extraterrestrial life. Aliens could exist and they may even be on Earth already, said Dr. Helen Sharman, the first British person to ever visit space. What happened: Sharman told Observer Magazine that alien life likely exists somewhere in the universe. She doesn’t doubt there’s something out there. […]

Scientists say there may be evidence of extraterrestrial life on Venus

Do aliens exist on Venus? It may be too early to tell. A mysterious trace of gas may be teasing the possibility of life on Venus. The scientists said they’ve been searching the galaxy for “biosignatures” that could show simple forms of life across the galaxy. Venus was not seen as a possibility, though, until now. What’s going on? […]

Parker Solar Probe Touches the Sun for the First Time, Bringing New Discoveries

A major milestone and new results from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe were announced Dec. 14 in a press conference at the 2021 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans. The results have been accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters and the Astrophysical Journal. [embedded content] For the first time in history, a spacecraft […]

This scientist says we shouldn’t try to contact aliens. Here’s why

Mark Buchanan, a physicist in Europe, says we may want to cool it on the hunt for aliens Mark Buchanan, a physicist and writer from Europe, has a rather hot take when it comes to the search for aliens — let’s not find them. In a new piece for The Washington Post, Buchanan suggests that “contacting aliens […]

Why Dehydration Can Turn Deadly for Seniors

During a 2003 heatwave in Europe, over 70,000 people died — most from dehydration. An overwhelming number of these individuals were older adults, in their 70s, 80s and 90s, many of whom lived alone. Gary Egan, a scientist previously affiliated with Melbourne’s Howard Florey Institute, wanted to figure out why some people with access to […]

Why the Online Game Wordle Went Viral, According to Psychology

This image shows the Wordle instruction page. Photo Illustration by Brandon Bell/Getty Images Twitter users may have noticed more and more people posting gray, green and yellow squares in a grid on their feeds this month. On other platforms, memes, art and even cross-stitching inspired by these matrices have popped up across the internet. The source is the latest […]

Biden Administration Plans to Provide 400 Million N95 Masks to Americans Amid Omicron Surge

With Omicron’s high transmissibility and record number of infections, public health experts encourage the use of high-quality masks to prevent spreading the airborne virus. Alex Wong/Getty Images Approximately 400 million high-quality, non-surgical N95 masks are set to be distributed by the Biden administration for free, White House officials announced on Wednesday. Amid surging Covid-19 cases, […]

A Huge Black Diamond, Purportedly From Outer Space, Is Now Up for Sale

The 55-faceted gemstone is believed to be the largest cut black diamond in the world. Sotheby’s A one-of-a-kind black diamond dubbed the “Enigma” will go up for auction next month and is expected to sell for more around $7 million USD. The diamond was unveiled Tuesday by Sotheby’s Dubai, who says the massive black gem […]

Animals Respond to Death in Many Ways. Mourning Might Be One of Them.

We humans are prone to anthropomorphize animals, or ascribe human thoughts, feelings and motivations to their behaviors. Often, our focus is on the cute behaviors: how animals play and love. But death is a constant specter of life, and we have been fascinated for centuries about how it affects animals. Even Charles Darwin wondered if […]

What’s the Secret to a Great Citizen Science Project?

SciStarter has hundreds of citizen science projects to choose from, and our more than 110,000 registered members participate in a diverse range of projects that match their individual interests and passions. But there are a few perennial favorites among our citizen science projects, and perhaps none more popular than the Alzheimer’s-fighting game Stall Catchers. Run […]