This Theologian Made Plans for a Moon Landing in the 1600s

Dr. John Wilkins, warden of Wadham College at Oxford, was a natural philosopher who lived from 1614 until 1672. While he was an accomplished intellectual who had the freedom to pursue any number of scientific endeavors, Wilkins was fixated on getting to the moon and meeting the inhabitants who surely lived there. As a clergyman and theologian, […]

Who owns these Buildings and Vehicles on the far side of the Moon?

In 2017 we reported the discovery of two unusual features in the crater Paracelsus C on the far side of the moon. The two structures are in fact mining machines/crawlers used for mining operations, conducted by extraterrestrials. Now it appears that more unusual structures have been discovered on the far side of the moon. After […]

Ancient Romans Got Their Wood From as Far Away as France, Study Finds

At its peak, the Roman Empire stretched from Great Britain to Egypt and served tens of millions of people. Supporting that many people, and erecting the cities to house them, took massive amounts of stone, wood and other building materials. To feed their empire’s ambitions, the Romans looked far beyond their Mediterranean homeland, researchers know. […]

This Giant Planet is 4 Times Bigger Than its Dead Star

For the first time, astronomers have discovered evidence for a giant planet orbiting a tiny, dead white dwarf star. And, surprisingly, the Neptune-sized planet is more than four times the diameter of the Earth-sized star it orbits. “This star has a planet that we can’t see directly,” study author Boris Gänsicke from the University of […]


Emery Smith, former Air Force field medic, is changing the course of UFO history. He claims to have autopsied about 3,000 different types of ET humanoids. In 1990, after going through junior military programs in high school, Emery became active duty in the USAF, stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. He went on […]

Alien UFO ‘Wreckage’ Is Being Held By U.S. Government, Claims Fox News Host

Conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared on the History Channel program ‘Ancient Aliens’ last week.      In an interview with British journalist Nick Pope that aired on the November 22 edition of Ancient Aliens, Carlson claimed that a “knowledgeable” source has told him that the United States government possesses physical evidence that alien […]

UFO Which Precipitated White House Shut Down was ‘Hovering’ say, Security Officials

     Fox News reporter Chad Pergram spent the day looking into a strange security threat on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning that has left security officials stumped. By Sarah K. Burriswww.rawstory.com11-26-19 Both the U.S. Capitol and the White House were on lockdown after the restricted airspace was breached and fighter jets were scrambled. The problem […]

Low Gravity May Make Astronauts’ Guts More Fragile

Astronauts may want to watch what they eat. In a lab experiment, researchers found that microgravity might keep the cells that line the insides of human intestines from forming strong barriers against food-borne disease agents. That could make astronauts more susceptible to negative bacteria, fungi and viruses. And the negative effects seem to last for […]

Hormonal Birth Control Might Cause the Brain’s Hypothalamus to Shrink

Women on birth control pills might have a slightly smaller hypothalamus, a brain region responsible for regulating several kinds of hormones. That’s according to new research that will be presented today at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting. The study, which is still undergoing review and edits in an academic journal, offers a […]

381. Chris Lambright

381. Chris Lambright Guest Chris Lambright discusses his research into the US Navy, and its relation to UFOs, which includes the USS Nimitz UFO Encounter, also Bigelow Aerospace as well as connections between the US government & TTSA and more. FULL SHOWS, EVERY WEEK,  PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON Podcast UFO T-Shirts & More: […]