Huge UFO hurtling towards the Moon in 5K

Does melting snow reveal an ancient settlement in Antarctica? Satellite images show unnatural looking markings in the snow which look manufactured by an advanced civilization. These markings are clearly features of some sort of an ancient hexagon structure, which probably is the dome of a larger structure of building buried beneath the ice sheet and […]

9-Ton Slab of Glass Found in the Cave of Beit Shearim

Not many people realize this but the biggest slab of raw glass from the ancient world was discovered in northern Israel in “Beit She’arim”, in the Galilee, in 1956. The rectangular glass slab is 11×6.5×1.5 feet, weighing 9 tons. Beit She’arim is a cemetery where the editor of the Mishna (the first “layer” of the […]

Future Release of RAF’s Secret UFO ‘X-files’ Ain’t Happening

The Truth in NOT in here… The RAF’s secret ‘X-files’ of reported UFO sightings in British skies are to be placed online for the first time – according to the media.      This was the hyperbolic story published by the Mail Online, Metro, The Sun, Fox News and assorted others on Monday, 27 January […]

15 Revelations About Robert Maudsley, The Real-Life ‘Hannibal The Cannibal’

Between 1974 and 1978, Robert John Maudsley killed four victims – including a convicted child molester and a convicted murderer – three of whom he attacked while in prison or a psychiatric hospital. Because Maudsley was able to fatally injure people despite being in high-security facilities, a special cell was constructed to protect other inmates […]

Mysterious skull washes up on UK beach with ‘no eye sockets’

Grisly remains prompt hunt for answers A mysterious skull which appears to have no eye sockets has washed up on a beach in Lincolnshire sparking debate as to what kind of animal it might have belonged to. The skull, which was discovered at the Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve, was found by a woman who was walking her dog and picking […]

Here’s how to watch SpaceX launch 60 new Starlink satellites into orbit today

Liftoff is set for 10:05 a.m. EST (1505 GMT). The private spaceflight company SpaceX will launch 60 new Starlink internet satellites to join its growing megaconstellation in orbit today (Feb .17) and you can watch the action live online.  A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the fifth batch of Starlink satellites into orbit from the company’s pad at Space Launch […]

Inside the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program

The government can’t keep its story straight about its involvement with UFO research. After a yearlong investigation, we bust open the files, break through the noise, and reveal the definitive, staggering truth. As I sit in a small cafe in the shadow of the ancient Roman gates in Trier, Germany, talking to a person whose credibility seems beyond […]

Upstairs-Downstairs: Images of Iceland, From the Ground and From Space

Wrapping around the entire globe, Earth’s most extensive mountain range stretches for more than 40,000 miles. Almost entirely submerged beneath the sea, it’s known as the Mid-Ocean Ridge. It is, in essence, a giant seam bordered by mountains where tectonic plates are pulling apart. New oceanic crust forms here through volcanic activity. Iceland is one […]

Is There Gravity in Space?

A quick YouTube search reveals a plethora of floating astronaut videos. They can spin in the air, juggle bubbles of water, and their hair looks ridiculous. It certainly appears that there’s no gravity in space—but appearances are deceiving. Astronauts in orbit are more accurately in free fall. They’re constantly falling towards Earth—which means Earth is […]

Alien Abduction Supported By Cell Phone Data? – (Pt 2)

     Photographs from an iPhone (see above), alleged to document an alien abduction were today (2-7-20) released publicly. Terry Lovelace Former lawyer Terry Lovelace (65) says his cell phone was in his pocket last April when he was abducted from his bed and taken aboard a craft over his home in Dallas, Texas. The […]

Ripping Open the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program

Inside the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program The government can’t keep its story straight about its involvement with UFO research. After a yearlong investigation, we bust open the files, break through the noise, and reveal the definitive, staggering truth.      Now, after two years of scant details and a myriad of contradictory statements, Popular Mechanics […]

Massive greenish UFOs flying through space, they keep coming!

Author and researcher, Mary A. Joyce, is the editor of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website which features cutting-edge and unusual topics. She detailed her work investigating a variety of anomalous phenomena in her home state of North Carolina. This includes underground military bases located near well-known tourist attractions in the state, yet, so well […]