Did Aliens Give Us AIDS/HIV?

Are you aware that the HIV/AIDS virus is not of an earthly origin? It was provided by an alien presence after the Roswell incident in 1947. They also provided the vaccine/cure for this disease. This disease was unleashed on the world in 1971. Link . . .

Getting The Scope Of Psychic Readings

A person with a psychic gift is no different than a normal human being. It is just that this person has developed or was naturally gifted to perceive information about the world through a different lens. Many people put psychics up on a pedal stool thinking psychics must be all knowing or must be some […]

The Location of the Roswell Crash

Here you will find directions for several sites mentioned in this article as well as a strange find on Mac Brazel’s Ranch. I traveled from Corona east on 247 for 17 miles, turned right and traveled about 16 miles. To my surprise I found an airfield runway about a mile long. Link . . .

Road to Roswell: 60 Years – Interview with Stanton Friedman

I first heard of Roswell in the early 1970s from a woman named Lydia Sleppy whose son was a forest ranger in California. He had had a good sighting. He dictated how a flying saucer had been recovered and was being sent to Wright Field. Part way through the story the bell went off on […]

Future Thoughts on Unmanned Ground Robotic Fighting Machines

All nations should consider the use of military Unmanned Ground Vehicles and their various uses. Yet at the same time those in charge of such initiatives for future military assets must also be completely realistic of their capabilities, vulnerabilities and liabilities. It must be determined how they can best serve and when they should be […]

NASA's Golden Gift to the Aliens: 30 Years Later

In a few months, NASA scientists and the press will note the passing of the 30th anniversary since the launches of Voyagers I and II. By now, both interstellar probes have passed beyond Pluto’s orbit and are speeding out toward neighboring star systems, carrying with them copies of the Golden Record, a phonograph record full […]

Alien Ship on Moon: Apollo 20 Flyover

First things first, there was no official Apollo 20 mission flown. It was cancelled shortly after the first Americans set foot on the dusty rock. However, I am a believer in public version and private versions. I can see the US government wanting to get full potential from their investment, and that just might involve […]