Future Thoughts on Unmanned Ground Robotic Fighting Machines

All nations should consider the use of military Unmanned Ground Vehicles and their various uses. Yet at the same time those in charge of such initiatives for future military assets must also be completely realistic of their capabilities, vulnerabilities and liabilities. It must be determined how they can best serve and when they should be deployed.

Fully autonomous fighting vehicle technologies are now available, yet problematic if they are to be counted on for defense or relied upon for offensive objectives when the stakes are high. It might well be possible that in the future these units are considered to be safer bet than the use of humans on-board the fighting vehicles and although that day is not here yet, it most certainly will be some day and some day soon. Unmanned Vehicles will change the future of warfare.

For tele-robotic unmanned ground vehicles the weak link is indeed the communication systems. Still more discussion, dialogue and strategizing will be needed to adapt to the new paradigm of robotic warfare. Electronic Attack and protecting against electronic attack must be considered. The future is now upon us, do you have a plan?

This is the question our Online Think Tank asked when we considered our Future Thoughts on Unmanned Ground Robotic Fighting Machines. Many nations have a roadmap and some thoughts on the future of their robotic armies, but few really have a strategic plan on how to get this done. In fact, those nations who get their first will most likely be able to adequately defend their nation for billions of dollars less than those with all human armies. Think on this.

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