How to Interpret the Tarot’s Court Cards

The Court Card Game – The Pages (aka Princesses), the Knights, the Queens, and the Kings – have got particular significances in a Tarot reading. Here’s what to look for in each royal.

The Pages, or Princesses

Depending on the deck you’re using, they usually stand for youth. Sometimes they bespeak existent immature people in the client’s life. Other modern times they stand for the client’s ain youth, and things that mightiness have got happened during that time.

If the client is starting a new undertaking or relationship, the Pages might look in a reading symbolizing the young person – or the beginnings – of that project. As such, the Pages have got energy, they are passionate about their lives, they are positive about the result of their projects.

If you acquire at least three Pages in a reading, take note. It usually intends that of import news is on the way.

The Knights

Knights can stand for existent people in the client’s life. Or they can stand for situations. Look at the card game surrounding your Knights to state which. Although the Knights have got traditionally been male, they now can be male or female. Their enthusiasm is genderless.

With the exclusion of the Knight of Coins, the Knights stand for motion and direction. The Knight of Coins stands for movement, but only after well thought-out consideration.

If you acquire at least three Knights in your reading, opportunities are the client will be involved in school, studies, learning, or academicians of some kind. It doesn’t have got to be college – it can be a high school graduation or even a nighttime course.

The Queens

Queens are mature, independent women. They’re marvelously confident. They earned their thrones through difficult work in the existent world. Therefore, our Queens are courageous. They love a challenge. And when you acquire a Queen in your reading, unless there are compromising card game around her, that agency that wherever you’re going is the right direction. Success and stuff well-being are hers. Health and regard travel with the title. And because it’s a feminine card, there is also the quality of intuition set to good use, and spiritualty accessed easily.

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The Kings

The Kings stand for the accomplished, successful, hard-working people who have got achieved success. Remember, success makes not necessarily intend tons of money – it can intend emotional felicity and creativeness (the King of Cups), fiscal assurance (the King of Coins, or Pentacles), energy and a take-charge mental attitude (the King of Wands), and a street-smart, see-through-to-the-truth kind of success (the King of Swords). All the Kings are mature and getting a King in your reading, assuming there are no card game to the contrary, is a good mark that success is imminent.

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