Rendlesham Revealed, Really?! (30th Anniversary Binary Claim)

Ancient Aliens – Season 2, Episode 10: Rendlesham Excerpt (3oth Dec 2010) The relevant section from Season 2 of theHistory Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” (Episode 10):Before I post anything regarding the recent binary-based announcements(!) I first wanted to say that somewhat predictably the BBC Suffolk’s earlier Rendlesham revelation was proved to be something of a non-event, […]

‘Tis The Season……

Seasons Greetings!! Recent Posts (Complete Histories): Classic Cases1981: Trans-en-Provence Physical Trace Case France Valensole Case, 1965 – France Landing Case, Maurice Masse.Recent EventsColorado UFO Photograph Hoax (Dec 2010, UFODigest) The Dudley Dorito(!) [2007 – 2010] (With Video)The Silver Surfer Santa Monica UFOs (Dec, 2010) Teen captures footage of alien Mystery Missile Launch

New Zealand Releases UFO Files – Kaikoura Lights Included

Well, New Zealand are following the lead of other countries and the Defence Force have finally waded through the necessary paperwork and so are finally set to release their ‘UFO files’. The release was originally scheduled for February (2010) but the Defence Force prevented this so that any personal data could be redacted to comply […]

WikiLeaks – Open Minds & Closed Eyes

“The open mind never acts: when we have done our utmost to arrive at a reasonable conclusion, we still – must close our minds for the moment with a snap, and act dogmatically on our conclusions” George Bernard Shaw Former Mufon Int. Dir. “James Carrion” has recently made an interesting Blog post doubting the veracity […]