Interesting site about Atlantis writings.

I found this site tonight reading posts on There is so much information out there about Atlantis. Atlantipedia has so many different writings. While reading some of the stuff on that site I found another site which talks about the 10 God Kings. It seems like someone used to rule the world longer then […]

Cosmic Log – Physics prize highlights puzzles

    Physics prize highlights puzzles What’s dark energy? In this illustration, the mysterious repulsive force is represented as a smooth purple grid that overwhelms the effects of gravity (represented by a lumpy green grid). By Alan Boyle Most of the research recognized by a Nobel Prize has to do with solutions, but this year’s […]

The Archaeology News Network: 25,000 year-old human footprints found in Mexico

    Five footprints from human feet, calculated to be between 4,500 and 25,000 years old, were discovered in the Sierra Tarahumara, in Chihuahua. Specialists said that the foot prints could belong to the first men who lived in this region that is today known as northern Mexico. Specialists from INAH discovered in the Tarahumara Sierra […]

Bio-Weapon On Civilian Populace As Doomsday Event Looms?

“Bio-Weapon On Civilian Populace As Doomsday Event Looms?” Quote: “U.S. government has in rogue assets within. If a catastrophic earth based event (such as an asteroid impact, or natural mega disaster) were to occur on a future date and world governments had advanced knowledge of such an event — would the populace be warned?” via […]

IntelliStreets. Monitoring our streets like never before!

Intellistreets is the wireless digital infrastructure that controls, monitors & maintains the sensory world. via IntelliStreets. These new street lights can monitor your every move and listen in to what you say. Another tool the Department of Homeland Security plans to use on your for more control. Watch the youtube video they have a lot […]

Hangar 18 the Movie

I just watched Hangar 18 the movie. It says in the beginning it is based off things that actually happened. Basically the Space Shuttle launches a satellite that collides with a UFO. The UFO then lands and is taken to Hangar 18. The whole time the Government is trying to cover it up. Mean while […]

Lloyd Pye – Starchild Skull DNA / DNA testing proves Human/Alien hybrid !!

Lloyd Pye – Starchild Skull DNA, Disclosure & Directed Panspermia Lloyd Pye is an author and researcher widely known for his work with the Starchild Skull. Before writing alternative nonfiction, he was known for his best selling nonfiction book Everything You Know Is Wrong. In this interview, Lloyd shares his latest breakthrough research into the […]

Andromeda Council: Is this for real?

I read this article tonight. Andromeda Council: 11.11.11 & the facts about life as a 4th dimensional human – Seattle exopolitics | These people say we will change to 4th Dimensional Human Beings because of a dimensional change in the galaxy. They say it will start this Month! October 2011! Is this for real? I do […]

Will the Mexican Government disclose secrets about the Maya Civilization?

I have read several places that officials from the Mexican Government plan to disclose secrets about the Maya Civilization. They have not said anything about Aliens according to Apparently they addressed the end of the Mayan Calendar. Read more here Mexican Government and the 2012 Maya Calendar (Pt. 2) | No one knows what is […]

Strange Blue light in the Mexican Sky.

It is amazing how many UFO sightings there are when you start to do research on UFO sightings. Here is another an actual video. Is it s UFO? I do not know but it is strange! This one was on October 17th 2011. If you look at the there are sightings everyday! WHY! Are […]

UFO Stalker website.

I signed up the website for a Twitter account today. In doing so I am finding a lot of sites I am interested in myself. Here is the latest UFO Stalker puts UFO sightings on google maps as they happen. It looks like a cool site!