Hangar 18 the Movie

I just watched Hangar 18 the movie. It says in the beginning it is based off things that actually happened. Basically the Space Shuttle launches a satellite that collides with a UFO. The UFO then lands and is taken to Hangar 18. The whole time the Government is trying to cover it up. Mean while Scientist are going through the UFO to see what they can learn. The find out that the Aliens from in the UFO have several designated landing zones on Earth. At the end the Government flies a remote controlled plane into Hangar 18. The scientist inside the UFO live and everyone else in the hangar dies. In the movie the Astronauts are trying to find evidence to release to the people. All of them end up killed except one that was in the UFO when they flew a plane into Hangar 18. It makes me wonder if this really happened.

In the beginning of the Movie it says this.

In spite of official denials, rumors have continued to surface about what the government has been concealing from the American public at a secret At Force hangar.

But now, with the help of a few brave eyewitnesses who have stepped forward to share their knowledge of these events, the story can finally be told.

Here is a wikipedia article about the movie. Here is a wikipedia article about Hangar 18. One thing is for sure the Hangar did exist and there is one at Area 51 as well. If you know anything about this let me know!

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