Fort Knox! I hope its not empty!

I watched Ancient Aliens tonight and now Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. Last nights show was a rerun and I did not really want to watch it. So I went to bed but I could not help getting it brine into my brain once again that it is possible that Fort Knox is empty. I really […]

Egyptian Pyramids Alien Gods UFOs Connection

A lot of people think the Egyptian Pyramids were created by Aliens. They also think that the Egyptian Gods were actually Extraterrestrial beings. They are convinced there is no God. Egyptian Pyramids Alien Gods UFOs Connection. “Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man, living in the sky, who watches everything you do […]

Ancient Aliens the TV show

I started watching Ancient Aliens in the last year or so maybe longer. I have to say I really agree with a lot that they say on the show. Its amazing to thing our GOV’T denies alien life. I have many beliefs that go along with the show. If you have never seen the show and […]

Denver Airport is there really an underground base?

I have heard a lot about Underground bases in the past. Originally I started watching videos with Phil Schnieder and how he killed two aliens when working on a Government project to build an underground base. I found a bunch of other videos about the Denver Airport. What is really weird about Denver Airport are […]

The man that killed 2 alien greys

I first heard about Phil Schnieder very recently. He claimed he was working for the GOV’T building an underground base when he encountered Aliens which he shit and killed. HE says he was almost killed in the process. He is dead now he was killed with a piano wire. Here is a video of him […]

Can the GOV’T Control the Weather and cause other Natural Disasters?

There is a research project that has been going on since before I was born that can supposedly control the weather, cause hurricanes, cause earth quakes and even control minds. I heard about this when I was talking to a friend about the Denver Airport. Of course when you start talking about UFO‘s, Government Conspiracies […]

HAARP The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

HAARP Home Page. HAARP has been around a long time. I never heard about it till recently. Apparently a scientist that is now dead started the projct to try and help places that may have droughts, hurricanes, and other weather problems. The military bought the project and now parts of it seem to be classified. […]

Solar Storm Warning – NASA Science

Solar Storm Warning – NASA Science. Nasa has predicted a Solar Maximum 2012. They say it should have been underway  by 2010 hitting the Maximum by 2012. All I ever hear lately is all this excitement about 2012 and the end of the world. Maybe its true maybe its not. One thing is for sure […]