Another MUFON Reshuffle

Another MUFON ReshuffleIt was recently announced that MUFON’s current International Director, Clifford Clift will be resigning on January 31st, 2012 making way for David MacDonald.Originally at MUFON’s inception in 1969 Allen Utke held the position of MUFON Director for a year (after the transition from the Midwestern UFO Network to Mutual UFO Network) then Walt […]

The Movie Lunopolis wow!

I just watched the movie Lunopolis. I thought it was horrbile. The idea was that people lived on the moon and were going back in time to change the future. It was just a poor job at movie making in my opinion. I like most Sci Movies but this was just stupid. It may have […]

I just watched Phoenix Lights Documentary

It is old and it seems many other shows and videos use some of the footage and information. It is still compelling UFO evidence. If you have not seen it watch it on Netflix. It is about thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona seeing ORBs and UFOs in 1997. There were pictures and video taken. […]