Kean & Chile UFO Update – Early Conclusions Inconclusive!!

I’ve posted about the Chilean UFO’s a few times and followed the story closely since it first broke but when Leslie Kean posted an update a few days ago (13th April) a month to the day after her original story I initially decided I wasn’t going to comment on it, mostly because it offered nothing […] – Confirmed Hoax(ers)

I posted about this yesterday and whilst I was purposefully vague in explaining my feelings in an unusually brief post I still would have thought the sentiment was obvious. This being due in part to the fact that the main heading posed the question, “ Seized? Really?!” which was then followed by the question, “Hoax […] Seized? Really? Seized – Hoax or Hack? is currently showing the following image on every page: This domain name has been seized by the United States Department of Internet Security Terrorism Task Force and the European Allied Command Operations, in accordance with the International Website Seizure Act , and is under investigation along with its […]

AMMACH – UK Contactee & Abduction Helpline

Strangely, “The Sun” newspaper completely missed the chance to poke fun at both the UFO phenomena & the UFO community over the last couple of weeks. I’m talking about the Blog post below this one concerning Councillor Simon Parkes, it’s strange as they generally jump at the chance to mock all involved at every opportunity […]

Whitby Councillor’s Assorted Alien Contacts [audio & video]

I’m sure that by now most of you have seen the online press articles over the last couple of weeks regarding Labour councillor, “Simon Parkes,” the furore centres around a set of four YouTube videos in which Parkes details his on-going contact with assorted extraterrestrials. It seems that since Parkes was elected to Whitby Town […]

Berrow Beach IFO? UK UFO, Burnham on Sea – April 1st

Berrow Beach IFO? UK UFO, Burnham on Sea – April 1st I saw this and for all it was posted on April 1st (today) I don’t think it was a purposeful attempt at deception by the website that posted it, however it seems a little strange that the image that shows the most detail was […]