UFO expert: 'no definitive proof that aliens exist'

As the last cases to be dealt with by the MoD’s UFO Department before it was shut down in 2009 are revealed, John Wickham of the British UFO Research Association says that “people just want to believe in different things”, when it comes to sightings of unidentified objects.

UFO files: 'The end of the UFO files'

Dr David Clarke has been the National Archives “UFO consultant” for five year project, during which it has made public more than 52,000 pages of official government files relating to mysterious sightings. Here he reflects on the last release of documents.

UFO files: read the files in full

For more than half a century, the government unit responsible for keeping Britain’s own “X Files” meticulously monitored Britain’s skies to record all reports of flying saucers. Read and search the full documents released today by the National Archives with the tool below.