58. Robert Hastings, UFOs & Nukes

 Show Notes: UFO News Round-up, a clip from Star Stuff and an in depth interview with Robert Hastings. Robert discusses the UFOs & Nukes phenomena, his upcoming movie, as well as working with Jaime Maussan on a Spanish speaking film on the subject. Check out: ufohastings.com

57. Peter Maxwell Slattery

Show Notes: UFO News Round-Up, then joined by Peggy Shunning, our Facebook page administrator for a chat, after that a four minute interview with Chip Plescher who has a weekly show called Mind Cemetery and finally our guest, former Australian rapper, Peter Maxwell Slattery about his many sightings Down Under. Check out: petermaxwellslattery.com


NBA Star Baron Davis Admits To Alien Abduction Well this is a game changer as no one expected such a top sports celebrity or any celebrity for that matter to come forward with such a sensational claim. Baron Davis of the Knicks has come forward quite publicly with this story that if true is one […]

Sirius Documentary Reveals DNA Test Results On Ata, The ‘6-Inch Alien’

[tube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJZ8wZrCCv0&feature=player_embedded[/tube] I had never heard about this until I watched the Sirius DVD which a friend wanted me to see. The Documentary was very interesting they have what appears to be an Alien body which they test using several different testing agencies. ‘Sirius’ Documentary Reveals DNA Test Results On Ata, The ‘6-Inch Alien’ The mummified […]