72. Nick Redfern

UFO news with Sam Maranto checking in on the Heartland UFO Summit, a quick hello from Paul & Ben Eno, then an interview with Nick Redfern on his new book, For Nobody’s Eyes Only. Check out: nickredfernsbooks.blogspot.com   Show Notes

Help an artist get healed!

CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO MY STEM CELL TREATMENT CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN Hey folks, i have a heart condition that is dangerous. Only way out iw with stem cell therapy. I’ve worked in the stem cell industry for six years now and have seen the miracles performed. now i’m in need. If you can donate a […]

U.S. Government’s Discloses That Space Aliens Exist! Proof At Last!

U.S. Government Tells World That Aliens Exist!That’s the headline all the UFO disclosure groups and ufologists want to see and in fact it’s true. No doubt whatsoever but when the government told the public that flying saucers were of interplanetary origin the news went in one ear and out the other. When did all of […]

71. China & UFOs

UFO News Roundup, Martin & Michael have a chat with Marc Sima, who is Podcast UFO’s China Correspondent on recent goings on plus ancient times and more.   Show Notes


The late movie director Ed Wood Jr. left us a legacy of the most unusual movies ever filmed. He is known as the worst director of all time and his classic movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” stands alone in cinematic history. It tells the tale of space aliens using human bodies, dead bodies to […]

69. Stan Friedman

A rather awkward UFO news Roundup, and an interview with Stanton T. Friedman in Portland, Maine. Stan talks about subjects such as the recent CIA’s coming out of the Area 51 closet, Roswell and more. Check out: www.stantonfriedman.com   Show Notes

68. Steve Pierce

First, a check-in with Don Schmitt on the recent claims of the “newly found Roswell slides” of an alien, then an interview with Steve Pierce, a witness to the Travis Walton incident. Steve talks about his years of struggle dealing with the event since the young age of 17.