76. Nancy Talbott, Crop Circle Science

Breaking News! Shows will from now on be recorded live on Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network, listen in for details. An interview with Nancy Talbott, part of the BLT Research Team on the science behind crop circles. Check out: bltresearch.com

75. Calvin Parker, Pascagoula Incident

UFO News Roundup and a rare interview with Calvin Parker, of the October 11, 1973 Pascagoula UFO Abduction Incident. Listen in as Calvin describes what he and Charlie Hickson went through and how the event changed his life. Show Notes Blog on the incident

74. Dr. Don Lincoln

UFO News Roundup, and an interview with Dr Don Lincoln who is the senior scientist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory about his recent book: Alien Universe: Extraterrestrial Life in Our Minds and in the Cosmos and more. You can find Dr. Lincoln on Facebook Show Notes

73. Marc D’Antonio

UFO News roundup along with Peggy, then an interview with Marc D’Antonio, who is an astronomer and MUFON’s Chief Photo/Video Analyst discussing mostly exoplanets. Marc’s website: fxmodels.com Show Notes

UFO’s and Cattle Mutilations in the News, 11/04/2013

This is a full light spectrum picture taken of rancher Tom Miller and journalist Scott Mastro at one of the cattle mutilation sites. On October 23rd, I met with Trinidad Chronicle newspaper correspondent Scott Mastro in Trinidad, Colorado. I had previously spoke to him about the unusual lights that were seen in the area and […]