UFO’s and Cattle Mutilations in the News, 11/04/2013


This is a full light spectrum picture taken of rancher Tom Miller and journalist Scott Mastro at one of the cattle mutilation sites.

On October 23rd, I met with Trinidad Chronicle newspaper correspondent Scott Mastro in Trinidad, Colorado. I had previously spoke to him about the unusual lights that were seen in the area and the multiple animal mutilations we’ve had in Trinidad this year. He was interested in writing an article about the unusual events which occurred there, so rather than giving him second hand information, I took him right to the source.  We met with rancher Tom Miller at one of this years cattle mutilation sites and while I was there, I shot a few pictures and some video with a full light spectrum video camera with a 850nm white light blocking filter. This enables me to shoot IR and UV during the daytime. I just started using this technique looking for possible evidence outside the white light spectrum in which we can’t see with our own eyes.

After my camera experiments and Scott’s interview with Tom, we then drove to meet rancher Mike Duran, who talked about his previous mutilation case and the UFO sightings he’s had this year.

Thank you Scott for investing your time and effort to write this article, and thank you for mentioning my website which gives the readers a place to go if they need to communicate their findings and concerns to someone.

The following link is to the Trinidad Chronicle newspaper article.


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