80. Shane Ryan, Westall ’66

First Martin gives a hardy thank you to everyone for a banner year, then a fascinating interview with Shane Ryan, the Westall Flying Saucer Incident investigator. For more information, go to the show notes.

UFO News Article: “Seen a UFO? – Then talk to Tom”

15 February 1978 (Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah) Deseret News reports on the UFO research work of Tom Vawter: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=TLdSAAAAIBAJ&sjid=n8DAAAAIBAJ&pg=2383,3870550 Quote from the article: “Tom Vawter, a U.S. Air Force airman at Hill Air Force Base (located just south of Ogden, Northern Utah), is an investigator for the UFO center (J. Allen Hynek Center […]

US First Amendment Challanged by Political Correctness

USA  Bill of Rights Amendment I: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievance One of the things […]

UFO Journal Issue: “UFO Investigator”

Vol. II, No. 12, September-October 1964 (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, Washington, D.C.) (ufodocarchive.org) The issue contains the articles, “ ‘UFO Evidence’ Response Mounts,” “IMPRESSIVE EVIDENCE IN N.J. LANDING CASE,” “The Big Job Is Still Ahead,” “SCIENTIST SUPPORTS UFO INQUIRY,” “Socorro Analysis,” “UFO SIGHTING WAVE PERSISTS,” “NEW YORK & MONTANA FLURRIES” and “Close-Range Sightings […]

79. Don Donderi, PhD

Recorded live with guest Don Donderi, PhD. who discusses his book, UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions, and talks about how he, as a scientist looks at the evidence. Check out Don’s book, information and more in the show notes.

“Black Ops Conspiracy” Video

Derrel Sims and Steven Jones find a radioactive circle at Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona, Arizona. Okay, it’s been a couple of days now, and I have to get something off my chest. This goes out to my teammate Mike Bara. Buddy, were you really making fun of me and Steven for our [insert mocking voice] […]

UFO News Article: “What About Saucers? – One in 17 Objects Seen ‘Unexplainable’ ”

18 May 1953 (Reading Eagle, Pennsylvania)The article informs about the UFO investigative activities of the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC), U.S. Air Force: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1955&dat=19530518&id=nJEuAAAAIBAJ&sjid=D5wFAAAAIBAJ&pg=2600,1310113 Book Chapter: “A History of NASIC (National Air and Space Intelligence Center): Chapter Two: Air Technical Intelligence Center and the Soviet Threat” (nasicaa.org): http://www.nasicaa.org/chapter02.pdf The seal of the Air Technical Intelligence […]

UFO Journal Issue: “UFO Investigator”

Vol. I, No. 3, January 1958 (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, Washington, D.C.) (ufodocarchive.org) The issue contains the articles, “Did the Air Force Deceive the Public About November Sightings?”, “Air Force General Admits UFO Sightings Kept From Public,” “METAL OBJECT FROM SKIES RUSHED TO ATIC FOR ANALYSIS,” “SPHERICAL OBJECT CLIMBING TOWARD MOON REPORTED BY SWEDISH […]

Fun With “Uncovering Aliens” on Animal Planet

On the set of “Uncovering Aliens” in Sedona, AZ with UFO witness and co-stars Maureen Elsberry, Mike Bara and Steven Jones I want to thank everyone who tuned in to the “sneak peak” last night of “Uncovering Aliens,” the Animal Planet TV series I worked on this year. And those of you who made a […]

UFO Book (Excerpts, Tables and Responses): “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry”

(NICAP.org) The book (published by Anomalist Books (San Antonio, Texas) on 5 July 2012) is written by Michael D. Swords and Robert Powell, with Clas Svahn, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Bill Chalker, Barry J. Greenwood, Richard Thieme, Jan L. Aldrich and Steve Purcell: http://www.nicap.org/UAG/ “248-249 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS & 1957”: http://www.nicap.org/UAG/570717RB47_UAG..htm “249-252 Operation Moonwatch”: http://www.nicap.org/UAG/article249-252.htm “252-256”: http://www.nicap.org/UAG/article252-256.htm […]

UFO Article (Blog): “Flying Saucer Review Volume 6: The Phenomenon”

By Dr. Michael D. Swords, 16 April 2010 (The Big Study) The article contains a report on the 13/14 August 1960 Red Bluff, California UFO incident: http://thebiggeststudy.blogspot.no/2010/04/flying-saucer-review-volume-6.html The incident was witnessed by two California Highway Patrol officers and several other police officers and citizens. The oval shaped UFO was first sighted descending towards the witnesses […]

UFO Article (Blog): “A Forgotten Piece of 1959 Research”

By Dr. Michael D. Swords, 4 April 2010 (The Big Study) The article focuses mainly on two UFO polls conducted by John Lester of the Newark Star-Ledger: http://thebiggeststudy.blogspot.no/2010/04/forgotten-piece-of-1959-research.html Quote from the article: “The mention was about a poll that Lester made of 50 commercial pilots about what they felt about UFOs and the way the government […]

UFO Article (Blog): “DISCLOSURE???”

By Dr. Michael D. Swords, 3 February 2011 (The Big Study) Michael D. Swords informs about different types of UFO disclosure: http://thebiggeststudy.blogspot.no/2011/02/disclosure.html Quote from the article: “A few words about Type One. This has been going on for a very long time. It was the primary agenda item of NICAP, Major Keyhoe, Richard Hall, and […]