UFO News Article: “More Flying Disk Stories Heard; Now Over Carolinas”

10 March 1950 (The Bend Bulletin, Oregon)
The article contains reports on two March 1950 mass UFO sightings:
On 10 March (according to NICAP.org), a disk shaped UFO hovered over Orangeburg, South Carolina for 15 minutes, then disappeared leaving a vapour trail (night-time sighting) and a bright, disk shaped UFO was sighted over Van Nuys, Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley), California on 8 March (according to the website, UFO DNA).
Quote from the article:
“Another flying saucer was reported yesterday by residents of Van Nuys, Calif., who told police they saw a bright disk flying about 400 feet in the air. All witnesses said they were sure it was not an aircraft of any known variety.

Composer Eddie Coffman and actor Reed Hadley and his wife said they studied the disk through a telescope. Coffman said it appeared to be 50 feet in diameter and have a dark smudge on the top.”

“Orangeburg, South Carolina” (City-Data.com):
Wikipedia article: “Van Nuys, Los Angeles”:


Satellite photo of Orangeburg, South Carolina

(tageo.com photo)

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