“Black Ops Conspiracy” Video

Derrel Sims and Steven Jones find a radioactive circle at Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona, Arizona.

Okay, it’s been a couple of days now, and I have to get something off my chest. This goes out to my teammate Mike Bara. Buddy, were you really making fun of me and Steven for our [insert mocking voice] “radioactive circle”?

I do have a few super powers, but making the Geiger counter go off in a circular pattern, well, that’s not one of them. While you were busy talking Maureen out of trespassing on government land, Steven and I were turning up evidence of high strangeness. Just sayin’!  Your shades look pretty cool in the publicity photos, though! [GRINS]

Derrel explains “black ops” to co-star Steven Jones on “Uncovering Aliens: Black Ops Conspiracy,” Animal Planet

Okay, now to the fun stuff: Special thanks to whomever uploaded a video of the Uncovering Aliens sneak peak of the episode “Black Ops Conspiracy.” Many folks I know only stream, so this is their chance to see the team in action. Here’s the YouTube link

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