84. Ben Hurle

Andy Fleming talks about this week in the sky, Mick West on debunking the moon triangle, then an interview with Australian researcher guest, Ben Hurle. See the Show Notes for information.

Brian Ladd Dream Predictions; Psychic or Scam Artist?

Brian Ladd’s website claims he’s known as the worlds most accurate psychic with over 2,500 documented predictions, 149 correct lottery predictions and 976 missing person cases since 2005. Evidently he has dream predictions then records them in sketch format and posts the results on his website. I’ve never heard of Brian Ladd until January 22nd, […]

Hello there, hacker buddy

As you may have noticed, the site was running a little slowly over the last couple of days. That’s because someone attempted to hack it. They failed. What they did manage to do was try way too long while we fed them bad data so we could isolate and identify them. That situation has now […]

83. Nancy & Bill Birnes

A hello from Alejandro Rojas who talks about the upcoming UFO Congress, then a entertaining interview with Nancy and Bill Birnes. Check the show notes for more information. Show Notes

“Alien Invasion” Episode of Uncovering Aliens to Air

For everyone who has has been asking for more episodes of my show “Uncovering Aliens,” this may interest you…It looks like Discovery’s Science Channel will be airing the 4th episode of the series, “Alien Invasion”, Wednesday January 22. Also on the schedule is a repeat of “Alien Abductions & Bright Lights.” I haven’t seen this […]

New Episodes: “Uncovering Aliens”

Sorry for the last-minute notice…but my co-star Maureen Elsberry of Open Minds just alerted me that 2 more episodes of our show “Uncovering Aliens” will air Wednesday night, January 15. This will be on Science Channel, another of Discovery’s networks. (You recall the last episode was on Animal Planet.) Everyone’s time is local and different, […]

Human Race Genetically Designed to Live then Die?

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82. Dr. Kevin Randle

Guest Dr. Kevin Randle speaks about his researching in the field, verifying cases, his involvement with the Roswell case and how things unfolded. You can visit his website at: kevinrandle.blogspot.com Show Notes

81. Chase Kloetzke

Martin and Sam discuss news stories that were reported on in 2013, and repeat guest Chase Kloetzke comes on to talk about her thorough investigations, as well as her  new how-to book on investigating UFOs called, Admissible.  She further discusses saying good bye to the nuts and bolts of UFOlogy and looking into possible answers […]