Farm Planet

I’m fortunate to have some friends in this field that support my view of the alien abduction phenomenon. In a recent email discussion among researchers, a pal of mine just absolutely nailed it. Not sure he wants to be identified, so I’ll just say for now, this is from Mr. T.:

“Derrel Sims is a friend of mine. He sums it all up quite well–

‘This is a farm planet and we are the cattle.’

alien hunter derrel sims farm planet cattle UFOBut most people are too arrogant to admit this. Some of it is caused by fear.

“Many of those ‘lights in the sky’ are simply pick-ups and drop-offs of people (cattle.) It’s a cold, cruel fact. None of them are here to help us. If they were here to help and could stop this, then all abductions would have ended long ago. So much for God intervening.

Aliens lie, lie, lie to people. To them it isn’t lying; they function under a very different paradigm than we can understand. A remotely similar thing is often practiced in our business world with business deals, where the ends justifies the means. 

“Long before someone has earned their doctorate, they are almost always deeply brainwashed to laugh at abductions. This is “scientific method” brainwashing. That is, until it happens to them. Only then do they stop laughing.”

You are most correct, Mr. T.–I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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