UFO Sighting in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco on December 31st 2012 – Lights over the bay in Puerto Vallarta at new years eve (Series of photos taken by professional photographer)

New years eve. I was setting my Nikon D90 at a condo in the 7th floor of a building right by the sea at Puerto Vallarta, to catch some good pictures of fireworks. While getting my settings adjusted i notice that with every shot, i was getting some weird lights on my display screen, although […]

German town inaugurates UFO landing pad

Over the weekend a German town inaugurated the Ufo-Landeplatz (UFO Landing Place). The event was an all out party and among those involved were local politicians, sciences buffs, and comedians. The inauguration was intended to be more for fun than actual intergalactic diplomacy. The town of Göttingen in the German state of Lower Saxony marked […]

Daily UFO Headlines 3/31/14

Alien Abduction Review – We Got This Covered Astronomers urged to consider more types of stars in search for extraterrestrial life – Tech Times SKA sets out on its cosmic mission – Independent Online Alien: Isolation launch date announced – Wired UK John Lennon’s UFO-inspired Art Fetches Big Bucks – Huffington Post The post Daily […]

Top Researchers and Theorists

What are your Top Researchers and Theorists on the UFO/Alien field and why? I have to say I don’t have one. I do, however, admire Mr. Richard Dolan’s “Break Away Civilization” Theory and – like him – I also loath the Academia [although for different reasons], and Dr. Linda Moulton Howe for her research on […]

Northern California UFO

There are so many photos and videos of UFOs going around, on the internet and elsewhere. It’s pretty tough to credit them, as there are many ways to fake them. But also, because there are simply things out there that look like UFOs that are really tricks of light, unusual clouds and more. Trained experts […]

do aliens have probes

The UFO sightings that happen all across the world could be alien probes send out by extraterrestrials to monitor us what do you think?