Advice needed…

I am thinking about emailing the NRO (national recon office) and ask them about the black triangles and other strange craft sightings, Ive looked over their website already but am a bit hesitant about contacting them. Some of you may already know Ive contacted numerous senators and congressmen over the years asking about this, and had one senator leave me a voicemail stating he could not help me as all UFO related info is highly classified ( this was a big deal to me, and I posted the VM on here).

Im not sure how I should go about asking this of the NRO though…but it does seem to me, if ANY Govt agency would have this kind of knowledge the NRO would be that agency, due to their super capabilities.

Would anyone care to give me some hints about how I should word my message and how I should go about asking this.


Or, if enough people are interested and willing, we could send a group message to them?

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