Disappointing UFO Cases.

Hi guys,…Whilst trawling the net for the latest news, [or new developments in the genre] I was reminded that it was ten years ago that a pretty big event happened in ufologie..[or at least , one that got me really crossing my fingers about when I learned of it anyway.]…I’m not exactly sure of just when I first read the story and watched the video…but I can say that for some time I thought it was likely to be ‘the real deal’…but was gradually persuaded that disappointingly..it wasn’t! I thought that it might prove interesting if I would start a thread that was themed something like ….”The latest UFO-related news that you got excited about , and thought …could be the ‘smoking gun’…but turned out to be ‘a false dawn’!”…and anyone interested could tell us of their own ‘disappointing cases’…



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