UFO Sighting in Bellingham, Massachusetts on October 10th 2010 – Basketball sized bright white glowing light at 4 ft. height crosses road at night.

This story was recounted to me by my then girlfriend, who is a sober, college educated, clear-thinking person. At the above time, about 1am, on a back road leading from Bellingham, Mass. my girlfriend and her friend were returning from a dance. They were headed back to Rhode Island via I 295 outside of Woonsocket, RI. They had nothing to drink at the dance. The road, as she soberly related the story to me the next day, was deserted. The small mill town was ‘tucked away’ for that Saturday night. As they came to a cross road intersection, where no cars were seen, a bright, glowing ball of light, about the size of a basketball, as she related to me, crossed in front of their car at chest level. She said the ball of light was not going at a high rate of speed, but she estimated it was going 5-10 mph. She and her girlfriend watched in shock as this ball of light crossed in front of their car, proceeded west, and then suddenly changed direction, crossing the street to a church on the other side, and then ‘zipping’ up over the church and steeple and down the other side and gone! Neither of them had ever seen a UFO before, and were quite animated in their description of the object, which seemed to be a ‘probe’ of some kind.
I decided to call the local WJAR channel 10 News station the next day to report this incident. The news director came on the phone to me. I told him the story. He said that the same object had been reported earlier that night in the Framingham area of Massachusetts. about 15 miles away. He was rather stoic about receiving the report, as if resolved to do nothing about reporting the event to the public, even though it was collaborated by witnesses in two different towns not far apart. Apparently, this was not ‘newsworthy’ to WJAR.
I feel my report, though ‘second-hand,’ needs to be evidenced as it shows how many other sightings go un-reported, either from witnesses not telling anyone or in this case local news stations refusing to broadcast the events publicly. What is reported on the UFO phenomenon, I feel, is the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ Most sightings by people all over never are made public.

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