UFO Sighting in La Pine, Oregon on March 15th 2014 – Weird and there were 4 of us whom all saw this thing!

We were about to leave my mothers home in Lapine, Oregon and my mother saw that there was a full moon with a huge ring around it, so I thought wow this is cool never seen a ring around the moon that big before so I said I wish I had a camera so my daughter said here us my tablet, so I went to take a photo of the moon and her tablet picked up this weird round orb of some sort I was so at a loss of words on what this was I proceeded to have my mother, my boyfriend, and my daughter come and look and everyone of them was clueless and freaked out by this object, so I started to take photos as fast as I could then my daughter said you need to get this on video so we did and it is the most unexplained thing any of us have ever seen! This object was coming in and out of the trees and over the’s trees and then moved so fast towards the moon and then back down to the trees again like it was hiding and we also believe that it knew our presence none of us can explain this we me, my daughter, and my boyfriend were all scared and beyond words after we left my mother’s. After looking over the photos and the video it is no doubt that this thing had two lights on it plain as day not anything we can ever explain.We loss sight of this object after I told my mom to tell her boyfriend to come out and see it, however he did see it for like ten seconds.

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