UFO Sighting in Margate, Florida on March 10th 2014 – Hovering Lighted Object That Changed Colors and Ascended

I was driving and noticed a hovering light in the sky about 500 feet away. It caught my attention because it was changing colors. At first I thought it was a helicopter until I realized that there was no sound and it was changing to colors that you wouldn’t see on a helicopter. It appeared to be just a circular object, however once it started to ascend, it looked as if there was jet propulsion at the bottom. It was darting from spot to spot in a zig-zag motion quickly as it ascended while continuing to change colors. I was excited and confused which caused me to stop recording thinking it was gone for a moment but while I was making a phone call to tell my fiance about it, I saw it reappear. It continued making the same motions and changing colors for a few seconds then it suddenly disappeared from sight. I was humbled by the experience and the realization that there might be other life forms in the universe and by the thought that I might have witnessed one of the sightings I’ve heard so much about.

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