UFO Sighting in Chattanooga, Tennessee on March 4th 1958 – Saw lights circling. Was 8 yrs. old. Took high powered outside. Was aiming on it when Dad grabbed gun barrels. We both watched till it was out of sight. Had forgotten about it till I saw the identical thing on the History channel, somewhere out west.

Just happened to look out back door and saw lights circling. I listened and heard no sound. Went to get our 6.5mm high powered rifle. Being 8 yrs. old and scared I was going to try and bring it down. My dad grabbed the rifle just in time. We watched it till it was out of sight. Thousands of people called the police TV, and radio stations. On the news the next day, they said it was a blimp advertising Merita bread. Why at night when no body could read the ad??The “blimp” was never seen in the daytime.

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