UFO Sighting in Campbell, Ohio on June 15th 2010 – $ shiney objects

During the summer of 2010, while on working in the city of Campbell, Ohio, I witnessed what I believe to have been four UFO���s. I���ll try to provide as much information as possible from what I recall. During the summer months, sometime toward the evening (clear skies), between 5:00PM-7:00PM, while traveling west on US-422 I was stopped at the red light intersecting 12th St. While stopped, I noticed directly to my front, in the distance, what appeared to be 3 small, yellow-shiny objects in a row. What really caught my attention as unusual is that these objects where not moving. I then turned south onto 12th St. then right onto my street, Porter Ave, to stop home. When I pulled in the driveway and exited my vehicle, I noticed in the western sky the same 3 objects. (My house from the intersection of 12th St. and US-422 in less than a mile).

As I was watching the objects, the middle one slowly began to drop as the right object moved left and the left object started to arch upwards to the right. The objects moved very slowly and precise, unlike any flying vehicle I have ever witnessed. Then off to the left another object caught my eye that had the same characteristics of the other three. But this object just stayed off to the left, not moving, but apparently observing the other three.

After the three objects finished moving and were in a straight line again they began to either move off into the distance until disappearing or they stayed in the same spot and just faded out.

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