UFO Sighting in Jaboticatubas, Minas Gerais on March 16th 2014 – With naked eyes brigthly and pulsating by the camera constantly changing the shape

It turns out that I live in a ���condominio��� in the rural area of Jaboticatubas MG. in the early hours of 3/14/14 around the 03:50 morning I woke up with my wife to see how I was passing my stepson who was unwell. Coming out of my balcony my wife called me as noticed on the left side of our House (place where the sun rises-East) had a “Star” much larger than the other and with very intense brightness and sparkly. She looked to the naked eye, don’t move, however started to take some pictures with your cell phone and your computer we noticed some kind of change of ways.
I got my camera GE A730 digital compact 7 megapixel of because she has some resources to take night shots and Fireworks. In this way took multiple photos then the supposed “Star” that at first I thought it was “Vesper” or something. To view these photos that I was careful to take in several adjustments to my machine we were stunned because the object took on photos unexplained formats. I’ve always been careful to support the camera a “Tripod” improvised because I’ve been a photographer of the company’s products that I worked in 80 years and knew of the possibility of causing inadequate effects without the correct support of the camera.
Returning to the phenomenon, are several photos where the object appears to change shape every second dramatically. However I observed characteristics that are repeated: the light that emits in the pictures we took with “Fireworks” is always white with several points that seem to “pink suckers”. There is also a point always with white light stronger on all photos. In a few moments the object appears to join and form a more compact mass. Suddenly there is a mutation in seconds and the same expands into several “tentacles” strangers with several points in these so-called “pink suckers”.

The photos are extraordinary, shocking as you will be able to see. I’ve never seen anything like these programs that sometimes we see on TV. The phenomenon didn’t happen in the early hours of the next day (3/15/14 day) However in the early hours of today-3/16/14 happened again and saw around 04:00 a.m.. I’m forwarding some pictures in sequence of this phenomenon (in two days) and I would please that the same were analysed

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