UFO Sighting in Wikkiup, Arizona on March 13th 2014 – Just like the Phoenix Lights, 5 yellow orange orbs, perfect straight line on horizon, exact distance apart

AS a lifetime resident of Tucson, AZ I moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2008. I drive 6-10 times year to and from since 2008 and have drove this route NV and AZ Hwy 93 from Las Vegas to AZ and merge into the Phoenix AZ area on the Loop 101.

I am a 39 year old former US Marine and have seen every type of aircraft and training excursuses in my lifetime. I know the difference between aircraft, both military and civilian, and have seen tactical training flares and firing. I have heard numerous stories and have always wanted to see “UFOs” but never have until Wednesday, March13th 2014 at 740PM PST at mile post 113 on Hwy 93 heading South toward Phoenix.

As the sky was just becoming dark a glowing amber orb appeared suddenly in my driving path above the mountain silhouette approximately 200-500 ft above the mountains. As suddenly as it appeared the exact type orb/object appeared from left to right in sequence about a second or less apart from each other in the exact and precise distance from each other , totally five perfectly level orbs glowing amber in color.

as they all were lit in less than 3 seconds or sighting the first orb they all suddenly disappeared or shut off simultaneously. I looked to the road as I was traveling at aprox 80 MPH. As soon as I looked up in the direction of the lights the 2 outside light lit simultaneously and then the 3 in between turned back-on in sequence in less than 2 seconds. then as they all were lit they all shut off and disappeared. I saw no objects in their place nor craft or aircraft body they were attached to. It was overcast haze but not clouds like a dark dust AZ night darker than usual do to the overcast haze dust cloud mixture this night. As I was on a winding AZ Hwy that twisted and turned I could not continuously watch but stayed vigilant and never say them that night or again.

Today I showed a friend what they looked like by goggling and you tubing “The Phoenix Lights” AND THEY WERE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE PHONIX LIGHTS from 1994 and what startled me most was that the sighting was EXACTLY March 13th to the very day! I know what I saw and what I was looking at. No light tower or cell tower or air craft or flares nor stars. This was a organized formation of intelligence and if was one object must have been 1/2 a mile to 1 mile in width. Hope this helps other sightings or supports actual witnesses who may have seen what I witnessed and experienced.


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