UFO sighting – rough sketch

This is a drawing based on the saucer shaped object I captured on my cannon 110, the sighting happened back in the first week of December, 2013. I want to call it luck, or coincidence but….I was taking a scenic photo behind my house, looking out to the small peaks facing west. I snapped one pic, then another one. In the second picure i noticed a metallic object that got in the frame! I zoomed it, cropped it and zoomed some more. It was clear to me what it was…if I had a better graphics card, it would be clear who or what was inside the ship. The windows were a smokey black, the front had a see-thru clear window. A lot of weird and abnormal things were happening around then and still are so I decided to hold out on sharing or reporting. I made a 10x 18″ print of the original.
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