Aliens within Us

Aliens within Us
The title of my book “Aliens within Us” was meant to indicate that our soul is an alien. As I wrote “Futureoids” it became clear to me that there are two different worlds we contend with. The spiritual world contains our soul and is part of the Earthly reincarnation process and the higher order cosmic reincarnation process. The Earthly process starts with tribal reincarnation in which the collective soul of the tribe reincarnates into new members. This process evolves into individual reincarnation upon the Earth. Finally as time progresses it becomes the cosmic reincarnation process to new Earths.
The soul is partially within the body but exists at extremely high light speeds. It comes from the mind of God and belongs to God. It is possible for a person to have multiple souls. Thus within a person could be an angelic level of soul or an evil soul in addition to the regular soul.
Their spaceships can be visible to us. They will appear physical to us. We could touch them. They can touch us. In general most aliens will take the form of looking very similar to us. Thus they could live among us and we would find it difficult to determine who they are.
I believe that as a child I had an encounter with a physical form of the aliens. However as I mention in my “Futureoids” they can take you aboard a spaceship and then leave you in a state of sleep. You will awaken and wonder if it was a dream or a reality.
The other form of the alien is when it remains within its original dimension. In this form you cannot readily see them. They can walk through walls and appear before you. You can put your hand through them but they can control your body. If they choose you will see them. Thus they enter your mind and control your vision and hearing centers. In addition they can control your body.
The aliens can come into us and live within our body. They can take over our mind and control our actions. This is very scary since the world could be controlled by evil aliens. The righteous aliens may enter us for a Godly purpose. In general they will not cause us to do any evil action.
I always suffered an entity which prevented me from exercising my human freedom. I always struggled to be free and one day in my 20’s my demand for freedom was fulfilled. An entity left my body. At that time my ability to communicate with the spiritual world decreases dramatically. I was then free like perhaps everyone else. I then had to struggle to communicate and receive audio back.
I thought in terms of an angelic soul within me that left. However the alternative is a righteous alien which guided me on the path I am on. I cannot really tell for sure. However the aliens have the ability to coexist within us and either guide us or control us.
My studies of multi dimensional and multi light speed physics makes it clear to me that we are subject to both spiritual and alien influences. The Christian churches have always attempted to rid people of demons. However there really is no way to do that. The righteous aliens themselves can eliminate those aliens who have taken over humans. In their dimension they can readily see the evil aliens and remove them from a person.
The net result is a spiritual war and an alien war which takes place continuously upon this Earth. Therefore the battle between good and evil upon this Earth exists not only in the physical world and the spiritual world but in the alien world as well.

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