UFO Sighting in El Dorado Hills, California on March 18th 2014 – Massive v-shape flying ufo

I came outside for a smoke. Looking at the stars I noticed something in motion. Hard to see, dark, V-shaped object approaching from the west. It did not have any lights. When it passed almost over head I noticed the shape, size and some detail. I was vey alarmed at what I was seeing. It looked as big as a aircraft carrier but didn’t make a sound. I ran inside yelling for my dad but when we got back on the patio it was gone. I want to believe it was a stealth bomber with the lights off. The scary truth is it looked more like a silent flying, V-shape massive mother ship. The wing span appeared large enough to land planes on it. Somebody had to see this besides me. Radar should have picked up something that massive. I spent hours outside looking for another sighting.

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