UFO Sighting in Whittier, California on March 19th 2014 – saw a group of at least 50 to 70 white dull grey balloon like objects come in and out of sight all at once!

I walked from a parking lot to a business. Looking up i saw birds, a jet and what looked like someone released about 50-70 or more balloons. But all at once they all disappeared then reappeared! That blew my mind! They were very clear and masking themselves like a swarm of birds! Except they were in formations like very intellegent. They were observing a busy shopping area known as uptown Whittier, CA. They were there as soon as i looked up, about 2:15 pm pst! Unreal! There is absolutely know doubt that these were not of this earth! Disappeared and re-appeared, nothing can do that on earth! These looked very much like the many group sightings on you tube , etc. Like over Mexico. They altered their shape to. They would have been witnesses, but i was to busy looking at them for 15 minutes plus. I had an appointment. I had to go. They seemed to have left about 2:30 PM……when i came back outside , 30 minutes latter , sky was clear. But! I also think they saw me, the way they moved! I also , afterwords, saw thousands of white tiny little lights all over and around me! Crazy! Like a flash cube aftershock! I bet my life on it. I would take a lie detector test! There was more. I got pix. I took 15 plus but for some reason only captured maybe 10 to 15 . With several frames empty. They were cloaking themselves! But not all the time. I am shook up. I hit the mother load. They are here! I swear to all that is holy. On my childrens lives! I am a professional, good health, good vision, 62 years old. I’m sure i’ll remember even more tonight as i think about the experience. P.s. the pix are nowhere as clear as in real life. I have a Verizon older Droid. But it works. I cold see 3d refections of light and dark shadowing around some orbs………..GA

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