UFO Sighting in Andover, Massachusetts on March 19th 2014 – appeared directly below venus in morning sky; hovered then moved up and arched away; disappeared

I was looking out the window at 6 am, having coffee.Venus was clearly visible. I observed what appeared to be another star directly below it. I looked closer because I had not remembered seeing it other mornings. It remained stop so I assumed I was just not very observant. About a minute later it began to move to the left. It looked as if it had a small tail trailing it but the trail did not leave traces as a jet does. It moved left then abruptly started moving up and in a wide arc with the trail visible at all times. The trail was not visible when it was stationary. I watched it for about 90seconds then went to a different window for a better view but it was gone by then.. It moved rapidly but I can’t judge how far it moved because I couldn’t tell how far away it was. It was far enough that I assumed it was a star at first. I should add that there is a small municipal airport nearby but only small planes fly in and out and this appeared much further away and indistinct then the planes I see all the time.

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