UFO Sighting in Cheshire, Connecticut on August 7th 1987 – Floated 500 to 1000 ft over us silently. I followed it in my car for 20 minutes

I am a musician I was playing a show in Hamden ct but i realized I had forgotten my mic stand. so my friend and I jumped in the car to get it from my studio in wallingford. When we walked out of the building my friend pointed to the sky and said what’s that. I looked up and saw a large disk silently floating over my head at a very low altitude. Less than 1000ft.

My initial reaction was to say to him ” don’t let them see you” and I step quickly back in to the shadow of the building. This reaction has always puzzled me because my friend just stood and stared at it right out in the open. We watched it pass over us very slowly.
Maybe 20 miles an hour. This is just a guess because once it passed we decided to follow it.

The craft was headed back toward the Hamden/Cheshire line. When we got to rt 10 the craft had gained on us and went over a hill. Since we could no longer keep up with it. We went back to my gig. We walked in and told everyone we had just seen a UFO. They must have thought we were crazy because they totally dismissed our story.

The next morning it was all over the news papers that 13 guy from NJ
were flying ultra lights in a circle formation as a hoax.

This was not the case. I was directly under the ship and saw its shape. It was constant. No fluctuations. It was also completely silent.. 13 ultralights would have sounded like 13 people were cutting there lawn above us… There was no sound…

I knew immediately this was a cover story… And not a very good one…
Years later I searched the web to see if I could find any information on this event.
Much to my surprise. I did… Someone in a neighboring town took the picture I am about to attach but it is exactly what I saw slowly float directly over my head…

Please feel free to contact me I would love to hear anything you may know about this event that I have never learned…

Thank you

PS the event date above is incorrect. The time is pretty close because my shows always started around 8:00. I could find the actual date by checking new haven register news paper accounts and matching them up with my gig schedule that year. I played that bar every week for 6 months or so. My recollection was it was late summer. But honestly I am afraid that is all I can say without checking. My friend who i have not seen in 20 years may recall the exact date and time. I would love to hear his account of the event. I understand he is now some sort of official with the state. I am willing to be interviewed and would love to hear any additional information you may have on this event.

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