UFO Sighting in Lancaster, California on March 20th 2014 – Strange Light

I must mentions that I live in Lancaster, CA which is not too far from Edwards Air Force Base. I have lived out here for a very long time, so I can tell the difference between a helicopter or other air vehicles.

It was at 9:20pm that I stepped outside with my dog to allow my dog to relieve himself before we went to bed. I noticed that there was a strange blinking light in the sky. I didn’t think much of it until I decided to sit down and keep looking at this strange light. I noticed that it had pulsating lights of red, white, yellow and sometimes blue. I decided to go inside to look at the time, just in case I would have to report this here. The time was 9:26. I went back outside and sat down and sat still just to make sure it wasn’t a star or moving like a helicopter. But this light/thing was moving from side to side and moving very slowly up. It would stop and hover there for a while and then continue to move up slowly moving side to side. It was too high up to be a helicopter that would be searching for someone and it was way too steady. I also noticed that at times the light would dim almost to the point that I could hardly see it. And then it would light up again but brighter and it continued to do this as well. I sat there until 10:03pm. It’s now 10:52pm and I just checked outside to see if it was still there and it’s no longer there. Not sure what it was but it was very strange. And I apologize for not giving my info to report this, but I don’t want people thinking I’m crazy. I know what I saw and I couldn’t record this because my cameras are junk especially at night. Goodnight.

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