UFO Sighting in Oak Island, North Carolina on March 20th 2014 – Bright Orang Ball, two red flare-like lights underneath at 45 degree angle. Hovered with slight movement – Faded Slowly.

Was waiting in my car sending a few text messages before getting out, probably 10 minutes. Got out of car and looked up, it was high enough that I almost could have missed it. Very Bright Orange ball of light, almost like a plane headlight but bigger than it should have been for that distance – I would estimate no more than a mile away. The orange ball of light looked like an ember that was burning in a fire, brighter and darker all over – looked like a fire burning way up in the sky and in a ball. Under the ball were two distinctly different red flare-like lights that looked to be set in at a 45 from the bottom of the ball in opposing directions. The object movement at first was almost like it was swinging like a lantern, left and right only very slightly and somewhat slowly/rhythmically. Over the course of the minute or so of the sighting, it slowly grew dimmer and dimmer until it was only a pinprick smaller than any visible star, then it went out.

Did not make a noise. When it first appeared it was at about a 50 or 55 degree angle from the ground, but by the time it had vanished I was probably viewing from a 45.

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