UFO Sighting in Palos Verdes Estates, California on June 15th 1951 – Clear day sighting north of Palos Verde of metalic disc shaped object.

A friend of mine and I were working at his house in Palos Verdes. I was at the bottom of his driveway raking leaves. For some reason I looked up in the sky to the North and saw an object hovering. I called to my friend George and told him to come quick and see what I was looking at.
It was shinny silver in appearance, disc shaped and the size of a dime held at arms lenth. It looked like it was slighltly wobbling as it hovered. We watched it for several minutes as it was stationery in the same place.
Then all of a sudden it started to move horizontally and then changed direction back to where it was and then it climbed at a terrific rate almost straight up. We watched it until it went out of sight.
Both of us were amazed at what we had seen. We had no idea of what it was but of one thing we were certain, it was not an airplane. Aiplanes don’t do what this thing did.
Years later as an airline pilot I was reading the Project Blue Book and came across a report of sightings at about the same time as our sighting over the Long Beach airport. They had contact on their radar of objects in the area. As I remember the airforce scrambled some F-89s to intersept the UFO’s.
I have always wondered if our sighting was connected to the one over Long Beach?

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