UFO Sighting in Bonlee, North Carolina on March 23rd 2014 – {kt}Saw a redish light in the distance, approached, whirring and humming started, redish light turned white, then disappeared, blinking pattern started, then everything disappeared altogether

Was standing outside, smoking a cigarette when I look up and see this bright reddish hued light moving towards me at a considerably fast speed, as it nears me, bright light fades into a white light, slowly goes out, mechanical whirring-humming sound starts up, and greenish-blue lights start blinking in a pattern, that bleep in a line, then move in another direction. i’ve never seen before. As it moves over me and the house, whirring stops, lights disappear. THe entire time i’m witnessing this, this feeling of complete stillness has me. Unable to move, speak, do anything except stare. It felt as if it knew I was there and watching it. THe reason I even noticed it is because I smoke every night at the same time, always looking at the sky, and NEVER in my life have I seen anything like that before. I know what airplanes, drones, helicopters, etc look like, and this was definitely NOT of those.

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