UFO Sighting in Hamilton City, California on March 22nd 2014 – green laser grid like pattern scanning motion over rear portion of our house.

Approximately 10:30 pm on March 22 in the rear yard of our house in Hamilton City, Ca. My wife and I observed a large green laser grid- like pattern pulsating and scanning over the back side of our house. We were both sitting in the back yard at the time this occurred star gazing. I’m familiar with lasers and how they can be projected at objects at great distances but i had never seen anything like this before. The laser grid appeared to be ‘scanning’ the rear bedroom of our house that my 13 year old son was occupying. He ran out of his room to the back yard where my wife and I were to excitedly tell us that he saw a very bright green flashing light penetrate his window through closed blinds and light up his room abnormally. My wife and I were still in shock from what we saw from the outside. I jumped up on a patio chair to get a peak over the neighboring fence in search of an answer to our beam of light and found nothing. No cars no people. I’m a skeptic. So I ruled everything out. The way the laser like grid was projected on the house was definitely from above. But of course the sky was clear and very quiet, except for a low humming sound during the entire 6 seconds of the occurrence. I hope this is descriptive enough. I can give better details via phone conversation. As for the three of us that witnessed this phenomenon, we strongly feel that it was an extraterrestrial attempt of some sort of communication.
Thank you

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