Black Triangle Sighting in Atascadero, California on March 21st 2002 – The triangular object flew over the street, over the rooftops and right over the tree tops in front of our home. While I was sitting on the roof of the garage, smoking a cig., the craft appeared from my left and flew over right accross in front of me..

o_O This happened near Santa Ysabel Ave. on the Central Coast in Atascadero, CA. So it flew heading North / North East over to my right side, flying over the roof tops and right over the top of the trees. It made a swish or swoosh sound like a hang glider, and it was very quiet, flying silently over the neighborhood. It was triangular with lights that seemed to blink slightly and some pulse. The size was about 10 + feet long and looked about 5 or more feet high. I’m reminded of a slightly greyish color , dark grey and lighter color almost white like a light grey on the bottom. The rest was black shades and it was hard to make out all of it in the dark. I knew when I saw it that it was a UFO, not say military or man-made. I had a strong, odd & weird feeling while watching it fly over. I have had prior UFO sitings and some after. So I take this stuff seriously. I have never observed a craft of that nature at night before, almost stealth like. Sounds corney maybe, but I knew it was, say “not from here”, so to speak.. O_o

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