UFO Sighting in Eagle, Michigan on December 28th 2013 – 4 Orange/Yellow Orbs traveling SW to NE. 3 leading in a triangular formation with the 4th trailing.

I was able to look at the 4th with field glasses and then took 2 pics of it. They were at approximate elev of 2000 feet moving NNE at approximately 150-200 MPH. At an approximate distance of 1 mile, to our west. We saw the first 3 and watched them pass. With the 3 still in our view, the 4th came into view about 8 to 10 sec later. From the 3 to the 4th was a separation of approximately .5 miles. The lead 3 disappeared in an instance with the 4th following suit 30 sec or so later. The formation was similar to a military spearhead formation. Lead / Left and Right Flankers staggered back 5 to 10 sec and out about 300 ft. The rear guard trailing.

The color is very hard to explain, similar to the orange mixed with yellow flame of LP gas burner. The brightest white center slowly rotated from forward, direction of travel, to the right 90 deg, level with flight.

I did some research on the net. We saw the same objects as were seen in Dearborn Mi, in July 2013. 3 fire orange objects in a triangle with a 4th trailing. They looked exactly like those. The pics really blew my mind because when you zoom in they look different then with the naked eye.

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