FEMA Manual Prepares Fires Fighters for Alien Attack – ABC news

This is old news, I don’t know if this has been covered here or not. I was informed today, may be for the ones who miss it like me.

FEMA Manual Prepares Fires Fighters for Alien Attack

“There is no doubt that the Government takes UFO sightings seriously, firehouses across the country are equipped with FEMA’s “The Fire Officers Guide to Disaster Control’ it contains a full chapter (of course it would be chapter 13) called Enemy Attack and UFO Potential. It describes in detail the role of the fire department in the event of UFOs arriving in their local communities.

The book tells firefighters that radio contact with dispatchers could be lost and engine trouble with their trucks could be expected, city lights and generators could malfunction. The fire departments are understandably reluctant to admit that they use the manual for training but virtually all fire stations in the country have the manual and it is our understanding that it is something they actually use in their ongoing training sessions. The fire departments must assume the worst to prepare for specific disasters so the manual only deals with unfriendly aliens and makes no suggestion or comment that ‘first contact’ could be from friendly or benevolent beings. This ABC news report outlines the details.”

“Given the fact the UFO sightings around the world are on the increase, it seems FEMA and the fire departments are taking this threat very seriously. While many of these first responders make light of a UFO invasion or attack publicly we are told that behind the scenes it is a topic that gets serious discussion. ” Firefighters Across the Country Train for Alien Attack – Video | Educating Humanity

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