Google Moon artifact?

I don’t normally go in for this sort of thing, but as I came across it in an article today I thought I’d post it.

Now, if this has already come up before then please ignore . . . and don’t shoot me; I’m just the messenger 🙂

This object was found by someone called Bluebeard 2011 on Feb23rd 2014.

If you have Google Moon you can just key in the coordinates 3 53 18.47 S 17 34 20.73 W (including the spaces as shown) and you’ll find what I did as well . . . . .

Looks like a herring bone to me lol!

In fact, if you search around the immediate vicinity, you’ll see quite a few of this shape in a strip both to the left and the right.

I assume it’s some sort of camera artifact that appears for a short duration, but I don’t know enough about the equipment used to get the Google Moon map.

Any ideas, or does anyone know what it might be?

The actual Bluebeard2011 video can is below . . . . his commentary is really interesting (although the white crosses he goes on about seem to be almost everywhere I look and so I think that’s something to do with the film maybe) . . . .

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