Black Triangle Sighting in Peoria, Illinois on March 21st 2014 – Saw object in sky thought it was a plane at first.

I was driving my neices home in the evening and we noticed an object in the sky and because of its size immediately thought it was a plane, but a plane that may have been in distress due to how low it was flying. I would say it was probably 20 seconds ahead of us. As we got closer we realized the object was not flying, but rather hovering about 100 ft above the tree tops. Instead of turning to take them home I decided to try to catch up with it. I noticed white lights and blue lights on the tip. From what I could see I speculated it to be triangular in shape, although my neice said rectangular. As I drove to catch it, it was hovering at a slow pace but still moving. I drove for about two more blocks and crossed a busy street and by the time we got across the street it disappeared out of site. We drove through the entire neighborhood for about 10 minutes trying to find it, but it was nowhere to be found. I dropped my neices off and decided to comb the area once more, but did not see anything. We had our eyes on it and just like that it was gone from the sky. It was truly amazing and we were in awe of what just happened. Unfortunately we did not get any pictures or video.

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