UFO-related statistics of a different kind

I’m just re-reading Timothy Good’s latest book and a couple of things struck me . . .

1. One incident he reports refers to an enormous black triangle witnessed by a few people. It was reported to MUFON at the time. Kim Schaffer is the Tenessee state section director for MUFON and this particular incident was reported on his website. He says he was taken aback and shocked by the extreme interest shown by Lockheed Martin, Boeing and the US government. Because he is webmaster, he can see which domains visit his website and he says that there were hundreds of visits from the aforementioned domains, none of which have visited before or since.

This made me wonder how many UFO-related websites collate visitor statistics (there’s loads of utilities available to do this e.g. Google Analytics) and whether such websites have spotted visits from government departments or companies like Lockheed and Boeing?

I wonder if this site collates visitor domain stats?

2. The second thing relates to what I read to be a significant number of sightings reported that take place either at or quite near to military bases. Obviously this is nothing new as such, but it would be interesting to know whether stats exist somewhere which links the two together. i.e what proportion of sightings occur near military bases compared to those that don’t.

What I’ve been reading seems to suggest that either the military have developed technology way ahead of currently accepted capabilities or that there is an ET/military relationship . . . . . I guess it could also be that all of the witnesses to such craft (and I’m talking of those triangular, slow moving craft well in excess of 300 feet on each side) were all mistaken or making it up.

Personally, I find it difficult to believe that all of such sightings are mis-ids or hoax reports.

Anyway, rather than debate about the report worthiness, this thread is really about the statistics side of things and whether any exist in relation to the above two points.

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