UFO Sighting in Chula Vista, California on May 1st 1968 – Late 1960s daytime, saw round light followed by 2 airforce jets. All 3 came back the opposite direct minutes later.

This was in the late 1960s (approx. 1968-69), and I was 9-10 years old, walking to or from school with 2 friends in the daytime.

We heard aircraft noise and looked up. Moving from our right to our left were 1 round (silent), white glowing orb, followed closely by 2 military jets.

About 5-10 minutes later the 3 objects came back in the opposite direction.

On both occasions, the flight speed was relatively slow, and the flight altitude was low. If I had to guess, the speed was 200 MPG at 1,500 ft.

The 2 military jets followed about 1 or 2 lengths behind the orb on both occasions, flying side-by-side with each other.

The orb was not small. I’d estimate that the radius was just below the width of the jets’ wingspan. I could tell because the 3 objects were close to each other.

I’d compare the glow effect of the orb to using a flashlight on the ceiling of a room – but in the daytime.

The area was flat, no hills. We watched both occasions until they flew out of sight.

I don’t recall if we made a big deal about it with our families. I think in those days, there were a lot of sightings. We were kids, but not really scared. It was more the feeling of awe, especially since 2 fighter jets trailed it tightly. Chula Vista is a suburb of San Diego, and was full of military.

Sorry, I have no proof. Perhaps there are similar sighting records for this time and place. I thought I should finally make a report since the sighting involved 2 military jets tailing it closely.

The sighting never bothered me. I never had nightmares, and in fact forgot about it for years. Now that media programs have brought it front and center, I can tell my story. When I hear about other sightings, I am open-minded and believe these UFOs exist because of my sighting.

Thank you for allowing me to file this report and for providing this service. I will be happy to contribute too!

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