Disappearing birds

So I have this weird story that happened to me about a week ago an I thought I would share it on here. So basically I was sitting out in my back yard just enjoying the night sky like I do sometimes and I look out over the mountains and I see a dash of light fly by then another seconds later and another and I see about five of these and I’m just like that was kind of weird. So I didn’t really thing anything of it I thought maybe it was just a couple of shooting stars but then from over the top of the mountain I seen a greenish light headed towards my way an I’m like there’s no way that’s a plane cuz what plane has greenish headlights and as it gets closer I see my space bug fly by it yes my space bug it showed up one day and it hasn’t left I think the aliens gave it to me as a gift or something. So I’m like maybe that’s a space ship but I’m still skeptical because it still may just be a plane. So as that one gets closer by me a bright plane headlight looking thing shines from near the same area where the green light came from and this thing looks brighter than any plane headlight that I’ve ever seen. So this one is headed strait towards me and I just sit there and stare at it and as it get closer and closer I start to see two shadowy figures right where the cockpit would be on a plane one walks to the side where I can’t see him or her and the other one is right in the middle and I’m a little weirded out so I just sit there and as this thing flus directly over me I look up at it and its in the exact same shape as a small private jet and it keeps flying over and I hear that roar of the jet engine with that delay that always comes with jets and now I’m just baffled at what just went on. So I decide to go in because its late and the next day I wake up early and go outside and I see this star shinning in the sky and I’m like what star shines when there’s sun out so I just keep staring at this thing and it doesn’t move it just sits there. Then I look really closely and a figure emerges and it looks like a saucer/ball but I wasn’t sure because it looked so far away my eyes might just be playing a trick on me. So I stare at it even longer and this thing starts to move really really slow and it’s moving its way behind the power lines. It eventually moves behind the power lines and I have to move my head to see it so I move my head one way too see it then I move my head the other way to see it on the opposite side of the line the I go back to the cent and I see a sight that puzzles me still this thing is now on both sides of the power line don’t ask me how but it is. So I eventually go in then 20 minutes later or less I go back out to see if its still there and its gone. But the story goes on. So basically I have nothing to do that day so I decide to go out to the pier and maybe get some fish tacos. So I go out to the pier and I walk to the end then sit on a bench so in my mind I’m thinking about time travel and teleportation because it’s just something I haven’t really studied in full. But yea as I’m sitting there I see a bird just disappear and I’m like maybe my eyes just are playing tricks on me then I see a flock of three disappear them two more after that. Don’t ask me where there are because I have no idea. But do you guys thing I made these birds disappear or might some aliens be playing so trick on me. Let me know what you think about this chan of events does it sound real or fake are my eyes tricking me or could this stuff be real just let me know.

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